How to look after my sock bunny

My sock bunny is called Snow because she looks like snow.

Surprisingly, Snow likes to be in the Sun running around . She hates it when it’s cold and love-s having company ( she hates being alone). Don’t make her be in her little house when it’s Sunny or she will get mad . Snow will do anything to have different things to play with out side : wood to climb on , a tunnle or two , to go through and something to go under when wanted. Make sure that she has shelves near her bed or she will get scared . She only likes a soft , comfy , apropret size bed to sleep on. Fake statutes at her side will make her happy. Cuddles will make her happy too. Snow hates Being lifted up when she is asleep however she loves cuddles.

Snow loves to eat anything that is shaped like a snowball or she won’t have it . She won’t have any meat however she will eat chicken.  Her favourite foods are carrots , lettis , brockily , apples and pears . When she is good give her some extra brockily . Always make sure she has a bowl of water for when she gets thursty. Feed her once  a day but put a lot of food in and make sure she has water at all times .She can be a bit dumb , like walking into doors and …


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