How To Look After A Sock Rabbit

Food                                                                                                                                         Sock rabbits should eat plenty of chicken feed and a selection of fruit and vegetables such as lettuce, sweetcorn, cucumber and carrot; even though they love healthy things they also need a little bit of chicken every now and then to keep their minerals, protein and essential vitamins levels up. They must be fed three times a day, first meal at 6:00, second meal at 12:00  and final meal at 18:00. They only drink cleen, cold and fresh water.

Treets                                                                                                                                      Its ok to feed them a bit of chocolate but as long it is little and often but the chocolate must have something added to it like mint, caramel or nut: absolutely NO sweets otherwise they can become very ill.

Bedding                                                                                                                               They must be in a warm environment with something fluffy to sleep on as they like to burrow up in it to make them feel safe and comfortable while asleep. Luckily, they aren’t loud sleepers and are diurnals (means sleeps at night and are active in the day time). They are very hungry creatures so nearby needs to be some water and chicken feed.

Accessories                                                                                                                                 If it is going to go outside then must have a hat to keep them warm – if it’s Winter – or to keep them the right temperature if it is Summer: must have a tooth brush (brush their teeth once a day after their third meal). Also needs a litter tray to go to the toilet in. Play equipment will be needed as they are very energetic so they can play on to lose some of their extra energy.

Behaviours                                                                                                                   They’re normally bouncy, energetic, soft and gentle creatures; although, they always want to be the center of attention and always in the the spot light otherwise they get mad and start nibbling at your fingers (luckally, they only do it gently so it doesn’t hurt). They need to be loved and played with a lot otherwise can also get angry and full on bite your fingers so that it hurts a lot and can draw blood.  

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