How To Look After a Sock Puppet.


My sock bunny is a little bit cheeky, but she is mostly quite good.  Whenever there are any treats around she will do all she can to get them.  Floppy does not like going for walks or staying in a cage.  She loves sleeping in a nice soft bed, (with two pillows on it.)  You are not allowed to give her anything to eat after midnight, I tried it once and it didn’t go very well.


Floppy loves to do gymnastics, (just like me,) and she likes skateboarding.    Floppy also loves going into the kitchen to eat as many vegetables as she can.  Floppy loves to try and do backflips and try to be as good as me.  She always does the best as she can to get better at something.


My sock bunny wears a scarf; a dress; a hand bag and some earrings.  She used to have a mobile phone but she was on it too much so I had to confiscate it.  Floppy loves anything turquoise so everything that she has is that colour.   Floppy’s bed is turquoise as are her shoes, also, her shower is turquoise. Floppy’s favourite thing is unicorns, so everything is turquoise with unicorns on.


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