How to do short divison

  1. Put in your bus shelter and your question. First, put under the bus shelter your dividend. This is the number you want to divide. Then to the left of the bus shelter put in your divisor. This is the number you divide by. For example, if you do 121 divide by 15, 121 is the dividend and 15 is the divisor. Also, don’t forget to put in your decimal point.
  2. Get your divisor (15) and see if it can go into the first number of your dividend, the 1 in the hundred colem out of 121.
  3. If it can’t (like in our sum here) then move the one over to the tens column with the 2. Then see if you can put 15 into that. Which you can’t.
  4. If you could, you would then put the remainder into the next column along. But as you can’t you put both of the numbers into the next column and then work it out.
  5. Once you have found out how many times your divisor goes into your dividend you put the answer onto the top line.
  6. Then you put 3 zero’s (or more) to the right of the decimal point and put the remainder on the first zero (the tenths column) and work out the normal sum. You do that for all the rest of your zeros to find out the answer. Just so you know the answer is 8.066.
  7. Now to check your answer do the inverse. To do the inverse you get your quotient (the answer of your division sum) and times it by the divisor. The answer of the sum should equal the same as your dividend.



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  1. Wow Josh! Very clear instructions, well set out and you used the correct mathematical vocabulary consistently through out. Well done! As for adding the inverse at the end… well, it was perfect! Excellent job! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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