How Timmy’s Life Has Changed

Suddenly, Timmy woke up with a shock, a piece of plastic had flown into his little mouth. He spat it out quickly into the pile of other bits of plastic that had flown into his mouth before. ‘Again, the day has started like any other day,’ thought Timmy angrily. Slowly, he started swimming over to some plants that were just the other side of him. However, as he started to nibble them, a piece of  plastic went onto his food, so that he couldn’t eat anymore.

“I was eating that,” Timmy shouted at the packet of crisps. All of the other animals had bits of plastic around them too. Over time, the whole ocean would be covered in plastic; the animals would be living in plastic, rather than the amazing home that they had originally known. Each day it was getting more and more horrible. Every day sea creatures would eat: plastic bottles, straws, crisp packets, broken pieces of plastic and many other plastic objects.Things were getting caught onto the animals and were putting their life at threat.

We need to try and help Timmy and other creatures in the ocean by recycling plastic, spreading the word and cleaning up the plastic around us.


How Timmy’s Life Has Changed — 1 Comment

  1. Wow, Ana! I loved your opening sentence. It was a great hook and led into the rest of your post beautifully. You used some interesting phrasing and using the phase ‘originally known’ worked well for showing how the ocean environment is changing. A lovely piece of writing and you should be proud! 🙂

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