How It Began

  1. The 2 dates most often mentioned are July the 7th 1937 and September the 1st 1939.
  2. On September the 1st Hitler invaded Poland from the west.
  3. Two days later Britain and France declare war on Germany; that is the beginnining of World war two.
  4. On September the 17th soviet troops invaded Poland from the east.
  5. At the end of World War 1 Britain and France did some harsh things to Germany. They said Germany had to give almost all of their money to Britain and France; by 1928 everyone were starving and had no where to work.
  6. After Hitler expanded his army for war.
  7. It was illegal, Britain and France made a rule of it he ( Hitler) could not make an army.
  8. A few months before Hitler attacked Poland, Hitler and the German press accused Poland for violence.
  9. Hitler also ran several fake flag operations.
  10. The Germans believed that Germany had to retaliate and that war with Poland was justified.





































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