How black holes work.

Every galaxy is meant to have at least a supermassive black hole. On Newton saterlight they took a look at the supermassive black hole in our galaxy. It had the mass of 10 million suns that came from 500 million light years away. Like many black holes , it is surrounded by a disk of gas and dust.(The ring is also known as an accretion disc.) Friction between particles in the disk causes it to heat up which allows astronomers to see the disk. No light can even escape it.

At a black holes heart there is a teeny tiny speck smaller than an atom that contains at least 1 million suns. With all that mas the black hole bends the Universe making its gravitation pull extremely strong.

The material in the disk can go up to 5000mp and that will lead to the black hole to go of and ruin the spacetime continum.



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