Homework: Fear.

I sweated as I walked through the eerie darkness; my cold fingers fumbling dumbly for the lamp, which had gone out, leaving me in a black void of death. Thoughts surged through my head uncontrollably as I heard a twig snap. Every muscle in my body tensed like a piece of taut elastic. I stopped, squinting to see if there was anything there. I shook it off, telling myself I was just making it up. I still carried on, intent on getting through this place of horrors. I was on the verge of getting myself together, when another twig snapped. This time nearer. Now I was scared. I stood there, staring into the bleak darkness. I then realised I couldn’t move. I was stuck, paralysed on the border of life and death, yet every second I was slowly moving towards the other side. It then hit me like a bullet. The legend. It was true. Real, and I was experiencing it. I knew I would die. I had played into deaths hands. But was it an accident? I then heard a deafening cacophony, slowly coming closer, out the gloom. Fear gripped me, and then… darkness.

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