This week, Orchid class did the one pound challenge and made money for the Helen Hodgkin trust for water filters for some who have no Money nor water.So first they all got into groups of 3-4 so for eg. Lewis, Kieron and Charlie: after everyone had got into groups, they got given £1 to go and spend but before they all got given their £1 they had to organise what their stall was going to be. So for eg. Lemonade and ice-cream with candy canes and chocolate sticks as well as popcorn on a different stall.

So now you have organised your stall set it up somewhere which is quite popular for eg. after school when all the parents are there.

All of the groups were very proud of their achievements the group that got the highest was Isaac’s group I think they got round about… £24.00 something.


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  1. Hi Lewis, thank you for your hard work on your stall. You forgot to say which stall you were doing and how it all worked for your group. Yes, I think we managed to raise quite a bit of money. next time make sure you have an eye-catching title for your blog post rather than just homework! I challenge you to use alliteration next time for 2wwp! 🙂

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