Hectic Day

Thursday 4th April 2019

Dear Diary,

I can’t believe how hectic my day was who knew dragon training would be so hard, it was not a good day to do it either, it was way to windy one of the trees we planted fell on our teachers head and we were all sent home while our teacher was sent to dragon hospital. The plus side was though it was my birthday so it was nice to go home for my birthday and my whole family was at home waiting for me. We lived in a little cave and everyone had decorated really well for the occasion: made me feel happy and loved and all my friends were there to.


Hectic Day — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Charlie,

    I enjoyed reading your diary entry. Make sure you read back through your work because you have missed some things. Don’t forget ‘ to windy’ is double oo – too windy.

  2. To Charlie,
    I really liked it being very simular to human life e.g. hospital. Next time try to use more ambitious vocab and punctuation.

  3. Hi Charlie,
    I loved your diary entry next time try to to use more MAPOS. Also I liked that it was kind of similar to a normal human life.

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