Gym Run

My friend Mia has always wanted to be a PROFESSOR. Her favourite colour is pink and her guards are always TWISTED Surprisingly, her favourite animal is a CROCODILE, mine defenly isn’t mine is a dog.

“Hi Mia how are you doing?” Asked Mya. “I’m good thank you.” Replied Mia. “My new favourite colour is… PURPLEI went to a theme park it was so fun.” Finally, they were at gym and they hoped they got to run round the gym and go in the foam pit.

I’m finding the cast to handstands DIFFICULT!” Exclaimed Mia. You’ll get it.” Replied Mya.


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  1. I think I felt confused because there was a Mia and a Mya! Very similar names. I think I understand, though!

    I wonder if there is more to this story, like a part 2? There were two locations mentioned in this story- the theme park and the gym. I wonder how they are all related.

    St. Charles, IL

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