Grammar homwork

A  verb is a word to discribe a action or a state or you can call it a doing word. Eg : sat ,writing and running there are lot others like talking ,making,braking and eating.

A noun is a word that can be used for a class of people or places.Eg:London,Poppy,Lee,Ellie,lucy,Westwood,Jb,Trowbrige.

A adjective is a describing word and help to describe the noun better.Eg :quicky,beautiful,tall,crazy and funny.

A adverb is a word or phrase that help a adjective or verb. Eg:gently,here,now and very. 

A preposition is a word that connects a noun or a pronoun to a verb or a adjective. Eg: “I am going with her”.

A article is a word that that help the noun.Eg:a,an and the.

by Ellie D






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