Giant’s Are Real!

For many years there have been rumours that Giant’s are real.  People think they live on a big cloud in the sky. The locals sometimes think they can hear a noise. Some people wonder where the noise is coming from, the people who don’t believe say that its probably just lots of birds or the wind. None of the locals really knew where it was coming from, but that was about to change…

One day, a girl called Amy went to the shop to buy some sweets.  When she was walking to the shop she bumped into her best friend called Sofia. They both go to the same school, they play with each other loads. They have lots of things in common like: their favourite colour is mint green, they love Unicorns and their favourite food is a roast dinner. Sofia decided to go to the shop with Amy.

Ten minutes later, Amy and Sofia where at the park eating their sweets when all of a sudden they heard a baby crying very loudly, (it was louder than a normal baby cry.) “Why is the baby crying so loudly?” Wondered Sofia. Amy went to put her rubbish in the bin which was down the path. When she got to the bin she heard a massive “BANG!” Sofia was shouting,”Amy Amy Amy!” She came running back and couldn’t believe her eyes, there was a huge spoon with a bright shiny cherry on top. Sofia realised when they heard the baby cry it must have been a baby Giant.  It must have been crying because it didn’t want to eat the cherry so it threw the spoon. Amy and Sofia looked at each other and both said “Giants are real”!


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