Firework Night

“BOOM!” The fireworks shot up into the sky, banging, crackling and having lots of fun. It was like a flame that had been trapped for the past one hundred years: always had been dreaming of being set free. “Tomorrow I am going to a swimming competition,” Safire shouted to her friend Gracie, “That will now seem boring!” “Yeah!” Gracie replied. A white firework soared into the sky. “I haven’t  celebrated something so happily since……I can’t remember!” Suddenly, the biggest firework of them all soared into the nights sky. Everyone cheered until they realised it wasn’t a firework, it was a bomb! It was getting closer and closer. Everyone ran for their lives….


Firework Night — 4 Comments

  1. well done susan ! yours is so good it has alot of description and puntuation where did you get all you wonderful ideas for this amazing story? I did not spot a single mistake !

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