Facts about WW2

1. 50-70 people died in World War 2, this is including any innocent people and any people working in the army.

2. 80 percent of the males from the soviet union died in the war. Most of these were born in 1923 so it is like losing a hole year of people.

3. Women were first used in the military by England in World War 2 and became very ferocious fighters.

4. Franklin Roosevelt ( the leader of America ) and Winston Churchill ( the leader of England ) became hero’s in their countries and respectively won the war against Germany.

5. Adolf Hitler was probably one of the most evil men in history and started World War 2 on September 1st 1939. He ended up commiting suicide on April 30th 1945.

6. Almost half of the Nazi aircraft was destroyed by breaking apart because it had not been built well and ended up in a lot of death.

7. 40,000 men served on U-boats during World War 2 and only 10,000 lived to tell the tale.

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