Facts About World War II

  1. You may think Germany had lots of artillery and men in WW2 but actually the French had more tanks, guns and men than Germany.
  2. France and Britain began war without rationing but food supplies got low. So they started to ration but Britain was the least rationing country in Europe even though they thought of it in the first place.
  3. The first German serviceman killed in WW2 was killed by Japan. And Japan were on their side, it was probably just a misfire but he still lost his life.
  4. And also the first American serviceman was killed by Russians, even though they were on Americas side.
  5. Only one in every four men on U-boats survived.  This was mainly because of depth charges, which were lethal under water bombs.
  6. As the city Hamburg was in Germany the Americans stopped calling Hamburgers, Hamburgers and called them ‘Liberty Steak’ instead.
  7. Adolf Hitler ( the Chancellor of Germany) and Henry Ford ( American captain of industry) both had pictures of each other on their desks despite fighting each other  in the war.
  8.  When Allies bombed Berlin with their first bomb they only killed one elephant as the bomb hit the Berlin Zoo. Pretty rubbish hit.
  9. In England soldiers were rationed to 3 pieces of loo roll a day however Americans were allowed 22 pieces.
  10. Finally did you know the queens crown jewels were hidden in a biscuit jar?

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