Facts About The Romans And Greeks.

Roman Punishments

  1. Did you know that when a Roman slave kills his owner all of the other slaves in the household should be executed.

2. If a Roman kills there father they get whipped with blood coloured sticks and put in a sack with a Rooster, a Dog, a Viper and a Monkey!

3. There is a punishment where if Roman slave gets beaten a weight is chained to there feet.

4. Another punishment was to get burnt in the forehead.

5.They made the slaves had to carry a piece of wood around there neck and take it everywhere they went.

What The Greeks Ate

6. The Greeks ate three meals a day., thats the same as us and the meals were quite simple apart from dinner.

7.  For breakfast they would have some bread or some porridge, for lunch they would have some bread and some cheese.

8.  For dinner they would have some vegetables, some bread, some egg, some fish and some cheese.

9. The Greeks used honey to sweeten their foods and make puddings like a honey cake.

10.They would eat a lot of bread and to make it taste nicer they would eat it with oil or wine.

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