Facts about the Roman Empire

1.Romans were first ruled by Roman Kings. Gradually an emperor ruled .

2.Augustus Caesar ( though never claimed a big title for himself ) was the first Roman emperor of the Roman Empire .

3.The Roman Army was the largest and meanest fighting force in all the ancient time  . The Roman Army fought for the Roman Empire .

4.Only men could fight . This was because the woman would stay at home to look after their children or child .

5.Lots of countries were invaded by the Romans . Some countries won against the Romans however some lost so the Romans ruled them .

6.The Roman Empire covered a lot of countries . It even covered England and Wales but not Scotland .

7. These are the countries that were ruled by  the Roman Empire : England , Wales , Portugal , Spain , France , Austria , Italy , Switzerland , Luxembourg , Belgium , Gibraltar , Romania , Moldova, Ukraine , Egypt and Morocco.

8.Farmers and traders worked all round the Roman Empire . They lived there too.

9.The Roman Empire always had Italy as a good base . They have this base in Italy because it was their home country .

10.The Roman Empire ended on May 29th 1453.

11.The Roman Empire ended because the Roman emperor at the time had lost a very important deal to different German tribes then the Roman soldiers had a fight with the Barbarians .

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I got these facts from USBORNE Ancient Romans ( a book ) and google .

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