Facts about the roman army.

Army ranks

In the Imperial in each legion, you had around 5000 men. You started off with your leader, a Legio. Then each Legio was assigned a Prima Cohort and then 9 other Cohorts. They were assigned to 480 men plus 6 Centuria who had 80 men. They were assigned to 10 Contuberniums. who were assigned to 8 Soldiers with 1 mule and support equipment. Going back to the Prima Cohort was assigned to 5 double strength Centurian who were assigned to 20 Contubernium who were assigned to the same and a normal Contubernium that I mentioned earlier.

Relief line

One of the Roman tactics was called the relief line. This was used on a smaller scale battle. They would enter in a square or a rectangle and every so often the Centurian would blow a whistle. When he did this the front line would move to the side and go back, therefore, putting a fresh line of troops to the ever-weakening enemy.


Roman formations

In the Roman army, they used loads of formations. Some were to break the enemy’s lines some were for defensive. But they were all very effective.

The Roman Tortoise

The roman tortoise is one of the Roman armies many formations. The tortoise is where the front and side rows would interlock shields and the back rows would put their shields up to protect them from arrows and spears. this was one of the more defensive formations.

The Wedge

The wedge is another of the Roman formations. In this one, they would form a triangle with one soldier at the front. This was used to break the enemy’s lines. Each soldier would be armed with a gladius, a short sword. this was more effective than a long sword.

The Orb

The Orb is where a group of soldiers form a circle. this is only used for desperate needs when you have been detached from your main group.

Roman weapons

The Romans used three main weapons. Firstly they would have a Gladius, a small sword. this was used for short jabs and was only 50cm long. It was carried on the right side of their belt so it could be easily reached as they had their shields on their left arm. Secondly, they had 2 Pilus, which was a throwing spear. they were very bendy and break as they get pulled out of whatever they hit. This is so they can’t be used agents the Romans. Finally, they had a small dagger called a pugio. this was more of a secondary. It was held on the left side of their belt

The Punic war

The Punic war was set between 264bc to 146bc. They were fought between Carthage in North Africa and Rome in Italy.

Third Servile War

This war was based between 73bc and 71bc. It started when Spartacus (a gladiator) and other slaves escaped. In the end, the Roman army had to send out 8 legions to destroy them.

The Great Roman Civil War

This war is also known as Caesar’s Civil War. It was a war between Julius Ceasar and Pompey. It lasted a huge 4 years just like World War 1. In the end, Julius won and became dictator of Rome.



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  1. HI Josh I really like your work I just read it and I feel like I know a lot more about the roman army than I did before I read this E.G the part about the relief line you have used really good information.

  2. I really liked your post because you talked about the formations they used and how they did them. Before reading this I knew nothing about all the formations and now I do.

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