Facts about the ancient greeks.

  1. Food for the Ancient Greeks had a religious meaning. They would never eat meat unless it had been sacrificed to an Ancient Greek god.

2.The Greeks did not eat tomatoes, oranges and lemons as all these foods were unknown at that time.

3. Ancient Greek men challenged each other in excellence of their beard. Beard Trimming actually became an art and the barbers all became leading citizens (for some reason).

4. Boys in Sparta were sent to military camps at the age of seven. They learned how to read and write at the age of 14 (military camps lasted until the age of 60).

5. Ancient Greeks believed in the balance of mind and body. As shown in the shrine of Delphi, reads “nothing in excess,” and “know thyself.”

6. Girls left their childhood toys at the temple of Artemis to show that they were passing into adulthood.

7. Miniature elephants once existed on Crete, Cyprus and lots of other Mediterranean islands.

8. The Ancient Greeks believed that dance was important to maintain Physical and emotional health.

9.Music to the Ancient Greeks was a form of mathematics as well as art.

10. The Ancient Greeks did not use napkins, instead they would wipe their hands with a piece of bread which they would give to the dogs!

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  1. Great facts about the the Greeks,next time try extend your sentences.Try to use the exclamation mark properly.I like the last fact which you found out.

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