Facts About Roman Food

  1. For breakfast the Romans would have bread or a wheat pancake with dates and honey.(I love pancakes.)
  2. The Romans sometimes eat with their fingers, so the food had to be cut up small because they didn’t have cutlery.(They did have spoons for soup.)
  3. The Romans liked a fish sauce called liquamen. It was made with fermented fish, salt, and water.
  4. They brought food over from other countries in their empire.
  5. The Romans grew a lot of their own vegetables.
  6. The Romans loved to drink wine and water served in jugs.
  7. Did you know, that the rich Romans could afford to eat lots of meat, such as boar and wild pig.
  8. They also ate lots of different types of birds, such as chicken, geese, and pigeons.
  9. The rich Romans would be fed food by their slaves.
  10. The popular fruits were apples, figs, grapes and pears.


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