Facts About Mars!

I am choosing Mars to write about because I like its name: Mars is named after the Roman god of war.

Here are my Mars facts:

Time to orbit the Sun: 678 days.

Time to spin around on its axis: 24.63 hours.

Average temperature: -63 degrees Celsius.

Distance from the sun: 141 million miles.

Number of moons: There are two moons on Mars one called Phobos and one called Deimos.

Mars’ atmosphere is 95% carbon dioxide. Mars is the fourth planet from the sun (so it’s pretty cold), and the second smallest planet in the solar system. Mars is a dry, dusty planet, its red colour comes from all the metal oxides on its surface. All the water Mars has, has been frozen into rocks. Mars has polar ice-caps, vast sandy deserts, heavily-cratered regions, and high volume eruptions.

Mars has the largest mountains and canyons anywhere in the solar system. Olympus Mons is an extinct volcano and the largest mountain on Mars. It is about 15 miles high and 310 miles wide.  It’s over twice as tall as Mount Everest!

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