Facts about climate

  1. Climate is average measurements of temperature, wind, humidity, rain and snow.
  2. Climate is like weather but over a long period of time.
  3. The five different climates are: tropical, dry, mild, cold and polar.
  4. There are also different subcategories which are: rain forest, dessert, tundra, savanna and steppe.
  5. When climate changes animals and plants start to come endangered.
  6. Since the sun hits the land and ocean around the equator at a direct angle, this area is generally the warmest area on the planet.
  7. Winds are generally in the same direction in certain places over the ocean.
  8. If the jet stream goes over then it is a warm country.
  9. If the jet stream goes under then it is normally the arctic.
  10. The wettest place on earth is India and the driest is Atacama desert.


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