Ellie’s summer holidays !

The first week of the the summer holidays , I went on brownie camp with my sister . Where we walk to a windmill  , that was built in  1890 .

The second week , i went camping with  Ellie may to Woolacombe  . Where  I taught Ellie may how to surf .

The third week, i went to see my uncle in southport . Where we went to blackpool pleasure beach , a theme park . Which i won a sponge bob squarepants teddy and went on a 230 feet rollercoaster .

The fourth week , i got my ears pierced , yippie !!!!!!!!!!! The earrings are silver with a tiny diamond inside .On the fourth week as well i went to worthing to see my mums bests friends and there children Stanley & Esme .

On the fifth week , my 17 year old cousin came down . Unfortunately ,she nominated me to do the ice bucket challenge : – (   




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  1. A very busy holiday Ellie. I did notice your earrings. You didn’t mention whether they hurt to have pierced (I remember them hurting me!). Remember to make your ‘i’ a capital! Is that a picture of your ice bucket challenge? Brrrrrr!

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