Dragons are one the world’s most popular mythological creatures. They are represented in cultures all over the world in places like China, Europe and in the Americas! They’re popular in books, films, and on TV.

Here are some fun facts I have researched about dragons;

  • The word “dragon” comes from the Greek word ‘draconta’ which means “to watch.” 
  • The Komodo dragon, alive today, is a type of monitor lizard. Known to be aggressive it is the worlds most deadly lizard. They can be 10 feet long. The ‘dragons’ use toxic bacteria in their mouths to weaken their prey so they can take the final blow.
  • When giant bones were occasionally uncovered around the world, many years ago, people thought them to belong to dragons. It was not till much later, that it was known to be dinosaur remains.
  • Dragons have never had a personality, unlike the well known unicorn, which is always known to be a majestic, peaceful creature. The dragon is sometimes regal and protective. Other times it’s deadly and destructive.
  • “Dragon” is actually a family term that includes other mythological creatures, such as gargoyles, phoenix and basilisks. There are many films where dragons are used. 
  • Most dragons are described as having scaly skin, talons, and slanted eyes, and long noses.
  • Ancient Greeks spoke of giant ‘flying serpents’ their scrolls. Dragons are depicted as snake- or reptile-like. In most cultures, the dragon is always rare. There are never very many of them.

I hope you’ve enjoyed finding out all about the hidden world of the dragon.

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