Dragons were legendary creatures that were usually described as winged, fire breathing, lizards.  A long time ago when dragons roamed the earth, a white dragon came to a small village and decided to live there.  The white dragon had a cold temper and would freeze everything where ever it went.  What he didn’t know was that there was already a dragon living there : a red fire breathing dragon that lived close to the village but was hibernating.  About six months later he awoke to find the huge white dragon in his village.  He could tell that people were ill from the cold as he felt the chilly breeze blow past him.  The ground was bare and nothing was able to grow, the villagers were starving.  They wished for the red dragon to come and free them from the cold so that their land could be warm again.  The red dragon challenged the white dragon to a fight where he sliced the white dragons head off with the point of his tail and that is why there id a red dragon on the Welsh flag.


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  1. Hi Talia, I really like your facts because i didn’t know most off them. Next time try and use some more punctuation. I liked your description by the way.:)

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