Dragons are known all over the world as a type of monster, they appear in every culture across the world and in every period of history. Traditional dragons are often described as – enormous and terrifying reptilian creatures with thick, scaly skin. Usually grey-brown in colour , but sometimes are white or even red. They have massive bat-like wings, powerful legs and long razor-sharp talons. Their tail is thick, forked and dangerously pointed. When they open their huge jaws, they breathe out great sheets of fire and flames. Dragons live in damp, dark places like caves, at the bottom of lakes or even up the the swirling clouds.

Chinese Dragons are described as – a creature with the head of a camel, the horns of a stag and the ears of a cow; the eyes of a demon, the neck of a snake and the belly of a clam; the scales of a carp, the claws of an eagle and the feet of a tiger.

I like the legend of St. George and the dragon. The dragon is described as ‘a very large and ferocious dragon with bat-like wings and a mouth that could belch great sheets of fire’. The dragon terrorises everyone in the kingdom of Lydia and threatens to destroy everything and everyone unless the people could satisfy its huge appetite. So the villagers left sheep for it until all the sheep had gone. Then the dragon demanded humans and wanted the Kings beautiful daughter first. The king made a proclamation to everyone, promising to give everything he owned to the person that could rid the kingdom of the dragon. A soldier called George heard about this. He was good and brave and wanted to fight evil where ever he could because he was a Christian. He promised to kill the dragon if 15,000 people in the kingdom agreed to become Christians. The story says ‘ Armed with only a lance, George went to the damp, dark lair to confront the grotesque beast. As soon as he approached, the dragon stared at him with fierce, ugly eyes then took a slow breath ready to engulf him in a cloud of scalding steam and flames. George stood his ground, raised his lance and quickly plunged it into the creatures side’ George kills the dragon and the king is so overjoyed that he agrees to be the first to be baptised to become a Christian.


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