Dragon Facts

Dragons should have a category all their own because they apparently are beasts found all over the world. But there has been told to be two very different types of dragon: the dragon of the Western world and the dragon of the Eastern world.

Western dragons are these enormous, fire-breathing serpents. They have scaly green bodies and huge red wings. They are very greedy creatures as they are always stealing shiny pieces of gold to put in there nest. Fierce and always hungry, a Western dragon will eat anything but especially likes weak, young, human flesh. These dragons live in caves, mountains, or lakes. They were particularly active and noticeable in the Middle Ages, when knights fiercely challenged them to battle.

Eastern dragons (compared to Western dragons) are quite small. Their bodies are long and elegant, and they have two horns for their ears. unlike the Western dragons, they have no wings, and their soft breath is said to form clouds. They do not roar; instead they make the sounds of festive happiness and jingling bells like Santa when he comes to visit your house on Christmas eve. These dragons eat sparrows. They live near lakes and seas – wherever there is water. They are kind and wise friends of human beings. Quite the opposite of the Western dragons.



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  1. Hi Susan,
    Lots of interesting facts and you made them flow nicely. Next time read through thoroughly and check for any mistakes.

  2. Hi Susan,
    Well done, I found the facts really interesting. I like that you showed the differences of the Western and Eastern dragons.

  3. Hi Susan,
    I really like your facts because I didn’t know some of those facts about that dragon. Next time try to put less brackets in.

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