Draco the dragon

Draco is from Medieval England, if you don’t know what medieval means then it just means a long time ago in the middle ages when people believed in all sorts of myths and legends and it was quite an unsettled and violent time.

He was a friendly dragon and could breathe fire to protect himself from his enemies. Draco had yellow eyes with black dots in the middle and had seven horns on the top of his head. When he grew up he became large and strong and was able to fly long distances because of that.

He was a coppery brown colour with big sales on his long neck and smaller scales all over the rest of his body. He wasn’t a fierce looking dragon exactly but was kind of cute. He had a mouth full of equally spaced sharp pointed teeth and they were surprisingly white in colour. His wings were a strange kite shape which explains why he can fly and glide so well.

He was portrayed in a film called Dragonheart he made friends with a prince when he was just a little dragon. The story goes that the prince came back injured and Draco gave him half of his heart to keep him alive not realising he was evil. So when it came to the point of them having to kill the prince Draco died as well because their hearts were linked and worked as one therefor Draco would have to die as well.



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  1. Well done Charlie Great report on ‘Draco the Dragon’ good idea to explain what medieval means because a lot of people may not know. Did you get your idea from online or from a book?

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