It was a dark night and the bricks in my house were rumbling it was 12:00 and I heard on the news it said it was going to be a horror night. I was a little terrified at first but…. BOOM BOOM BOOM! what was that a gorilla was climbing up the house aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh gggggggggg! Then a yellow flower was rapping round me then a running river was whooshing through and a pretty fairy godmother came through the door witch isn’t bad at all but still. Then my dog came flying through the roof “DOGGY!” I screamed “YAY!”




DOGGY POWER — 1 Comment

  1. Charlie,
    Great story! I like how it ends with the dog as a hero. Keep writing great stories, as well as reading some gear stories as well.
    Ms. McBride

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