“Do I have to make a snowman”

One morning my mum said I had to play outside for at least an hour before i’m allowed to play more video games. I asked if I could finish my game but that wasn’t good enough – I walked outside into a pool of snow in my front yard.                                                                            “Well this isn’t that bad” I frown to myself.                                                                               “I could build a snow man” I frown again to my self still gutted about my mum. After a while I had made a snow man.I showed my mum.                                                                            “Well done, I’ll go get a scalf and a carrot for some finishing touches” my mum says happily.2-3 minutes later she’s back. She asks me to carefully place the scalf and the carrot onto the snowman. “Wow look at that!” my mum exclaims. I go inside and guess what I do after that;play video games.

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