Diving into the Underwater

Lucy sat on the edge of the boat, dressed in her diving outfit, the sea was calm and it was a lovely sunny day but that didn’t stop her from feeling nervous.

“3,2,1 dive, go go go” shouted the man on the boat.

she  put her oxygen mask in, it tasted horrible but she pushed off and rolled back into the sea.

SPLASH! and then silence.

Lucy opened her eyes and looked around it was nothing like she thought, it was different shades of darkness, all she could hear was the whooshing of the water around her and the noise of her oxygen tank. Looking around her she could see for miles, and looking down it got darker. She wanted to explore.

Swimming in deep water like this was hard work, the massive flippers kept getting in the way and the oxygen tank felt quite heavy on her back but she kept going.

As she was swimming a shrimp past by her eye , it was tiny I could see his little legs swimming and it looked he was walking underwater. It was so funny my oxygen mouth peace came out my mouth (while I was laughing).

I carried on swimming through the deep blue and green sea, I saw colourful fish swim by and they looked extra shiney as the sun light above shone down onto their scales making them look like colourful mirrors. Turtles swam slowly, slower than a snail they also looked peaceful.

Then I remembered that I need to look at my diving timer, I only had a few minutes left so I had to swim back up to the surface, I could see the shadow of the boat. I kicked with my flippers as hard as I could. I slowly surfaced above the water and took off my mask.

I stopped and thought about my adventure under the sea, how quiet and interesting it was, and I could not wait to go diving again.


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