Dark Blocks the Light

From the tiny window of the space station I could see the Northern Lights. Leaping from Earth, the luminescent green, shined like a flickering fire fly in the darkness. Or so I thought… The colours spread across the northern hemisphere, further than I ever seen before, however, something didn’t feel right. I wasn’t able to put my finger on it.

“Thats it.”
It was on the wrong side of Earth and the luminescent was gone, it was just plain black! As black, as a black, black hole.
“What was happening?” The dark light was engulfing the Earth, I could see it before my very eyes. I glided to another window, bigger this time. This helped me understand that the darkness was taking over, swallowing the whole circumference of the Earth. Diving for the communicator, I called the emergency operator. However, there was no answer. Was I left alone, all alone, up here in space?

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