Curriculum Over The Year

This year has been packed with exciting Curriculum. To start of with we had some amazing topics. We had Out of Africa, Myths and Legends, Bhutan, The Maya, Earth as an Island and a few other things. In Earth as an Island we went into groups of three. I was with Jenna and Talia. We had to create an island. Bhutan is a really interesting topic. I would recommend to everyone that they should learn about it. One of the reasons that I love learning about it so much is that it is so different to England and how we run the country. 


 For English we focussed on Beowulf for a bit. We had to write down things from the story. We had to write up a few parts of the story from it to put up on the notice board. It is a very interesting story to read. We have also focussed on things only for one lesson.


In maths we have done quite a lot of work on fractions. I now feel much better about them. We have learnt how to do division properly. I am now used to working quite quickly and the maths routine. Recently, we have been working on place value. I was already feeling comfortable doing it however it is good to check up on things.


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