Crimson’s Big Day

Monday 22nd June 110

Dear diary,                                                                                                                                            today has been a fun day, I got to dance in one of my favourite TV shows: Strictly Come Water. I got to meet my favourite celebrities: Darcey Fish, Craig Jelly- Fish, Shirley Shark and Bruno Clam. When I walked into the room my cheeks went bright red I could feel them slowly getting redder and redder every second, how embarrassing! After a few minutes, of being in the room, Shirley Shark asked me if I wanted to do the Argentine Tango. I couldn’t speak my mouth was wedged open, I’m surprised I didn’t start dribbling!

Very slowly, the day came to an end, finally finishing with my favourite: signatures. Slowly, I said goodbye. I was said the day was over but extremely happy I got to dance with my favourite judge on Strictly Come Water.

As soon as I got home I phoned my best friend Summer to tell her about my big day.                  “WOW! You are so lucky,” she had said feeling envious.                                                             I spoke to her for a few minutes and then it was time for me to go to bed. I dreamt about the whole day, how amazing and lovely it was. If only it could happen again.

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