Cream egg 100wc

Suddenly, I slipped. The sugary icing’s current spinning me out of control. I was trying to slurp up all the dreamy liquid. It was surprisingly comforting eating the delectable chocolate in an intense moment of panic. The luscious chocolate melted soothingly in my mouth. As I was nearing the end of the long drop, a cardinal coloured van pulled up beside me offering me a delicious, swirly sweet on a long stick. I thank him graciously then carried on with my work. All of a sudden, I started to feel slightly dizzy and nauseous. Was I reacting to the sweet?


Cream egg 100wc — 1 Comment

  1. I think you may well have got some cream egg-itus Isabel!

    You have used some excellent vocabulary in this piece. It all adds up to a very sweet and as you said, sickening experience.
    Well done!

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