Cherry On A Spoon

It was a nice beautiful day…The perfect day to go to the beach. So Fred got packed and set of to the beach: when he got there he went in the sea, he dug wholes and he definitely built sandcastles. Suddenly, it started to rain so Fred ran back to the car and went home. As soon as Fred had left suddenly a massive spoon with a cherry on it appeared. The cherry was the size as Taj Mahal and the spoon was as big as three Taj Mahals. Suddenly, it stopped raining and everyone ran back outside to see it but the time they got there it had disappeared. All of the kids were confused because one minute there’s a massive spoon and cherry and then then the next there isn’t. Then one kid called Jack cried                                                                            “What if the spoon and cherry only appears when it rains,”                                                        but all of the other kids went back inside.

To be continued

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