Celtic Dragon – Master Stoorworm

The dragon is a creature of myth and legend and is found in almost every culture of the world in some form. There are two types of dragons in Celtic lore. There is the winged version with four legs that most people are recognize and there is a sea serpent that looks like either a giant wingless serpent or huge serpent with wings, but no legs.

Master Stoorworm is one of the most famous dragons in Celtic mythology. He was a gigantic sea serpent who always ate too much and every morning he would yawn seven times. The town that this always happened near became tired of this because when he yawned his tongue would dart out and snatch up seven random things from the town. A meeting was held and it was decided that anyone who slew the dragon would get to marry the king’s daughter. A group of men tried but were frightened away by Master Stoorworm.


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