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The Cancer sign is a crab, that attacked Hercules during the 12 labors because he felt sorry for killing his family; it was sent by the greedy Goddess, Hera, to avoid Hercules as he battled the serpent of the sea (Hydra) however, he killed it with his big club. Who ever’s  birthday is between 20 June & July 22 is a Cancer crab (as I am): it is counted as a water sign and also one of the four Cardinal signs. These signs show a change of seasons when the sun makes it normal path into them.

You will be able to see it from the Northern Hemisphere in new Spring and again (if you are lucky) in the Southern Hemisphere during Autumn. Cancer sits between Leo, (the lion) and Gemini (the twins). It is extremely hard to see Cancer as a crab, even with a long neck like a giraffe or with binoculars, it looks a bit like an up side down Y (if you get a chance to see it that is!)


The small faint constellation Cancer is rich in open clusters and double stars.

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