Bonfire Night

Today it is bonfire night and I am so excited because I am going to a party. There is going to be a big fire and lots of colourful fireworks and all my friends are going to be there! The best part is if you get cold you can warm yourself up by the bid fire but you have to be careful because there could a flame coming out of the fire. Everyone celebrated it last year in my village.

We are now at the bonfire party but there just one thing I don’t get because there is a white swimming pool. Finally the fireworks have started, but i am going to one tommorow


Bonfire Night — 4 Comments

  1. well done Charlie. 2 thing bonfire not bid fire and because there could be a flame not because there could a flame. Otherwise Great work.

  2. Hi Charlie

    I really liked your post and how you basted it on bonfire night. Are you really going to a bonfire party? Try and use some more puntuation.
    Well done.

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