Boaty Mcboatface

Boaty Mcboatface is an remote controlled  sub on the research vessel RRS Sir David Attenborough, presenter of blue planet. The name was decided in a poll online. Former BBC Radio Jersey presenter James Hand  said as a joke Boaty Mcboatface , which was quickly liked by the public and chosen as the sub’s new name. In 2016 Boaty went through some intense sea trails. It was then first put into use 17 March 2017 south  Chile in the Orkney passage to research water flow and turbulence. Bjorn Baker’s team at Sydney’s Warwick Farm Racecourse heard about Boaty Mcboatface and decided to call one of their horses Horsey McHorseface. His owners then decided to take Horsey to auction and he sold for $17,325. He then sadly died of Bone disease.   


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