The energetic white robot hurried to get his sandwich and batteries for his motor and his lunch. Suddenly, the robot zoomed to the cafetiere and eat everything, even himself. 2 hours later the robot was full of food in his robotic stomach and now needed a drink from the fridge. However then he saw someone walking through the aisle of the shop and then chased after him with his chainsaw hand and monster claw! Could the robot kill anyone in the space universe? The robot started to follow the man down the aisle and then… Killed.

Could the universe be DOOMED.



  1. Dear Isaac,

    A really nice story! This is a very imaginative piece of descriptive writing. You form an intriguing plotline from a classic inspiration point – robots and people. The piece really personifies the robot. I can relate to this as I love sci fi films, and they often seem to explore this theme, taking different approaches on whether a robot should be peaceful or violent. The way you frame the danger of the robot is powerful and clear. You demonstrate good use of grammar and punctuation, such as your use of the ellipsis. I wonder who the robot will target next? Keep up the good work! 

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