BANG, The Crazy Adventures Of The Sock.

There was once just a normal sock, well to himself he was normal but to others he wasn’t because he could talk. When he was hopping through the park one day he heard some strange noises and obviously of course like everybody else would do he went to explore to find out what was making these strange noises. He could hear the noises coming from a house.  When he opened the door to see what it was, something caught his eye before anything else. It was a curious green bottle saying “Magic Potion!” He thought about not drinking it but the temptation to taste the liquid dragged him towards taking a sip of this mysterious drink and suddenly he felt incredibly strange like he had somehow gained powers…

The next day Sock went to test what interesting powers he had acquired: he had X-ray vision, the power of flight, and best of all, power of teleportation. And he knew just what he was going to use these powers for – to find his long lost brother.

He first used his flight to find a village that knew a village that knew the village that his brother was in, so he found the village and went to ask everyone if they knew of his twin sock. But it was no use, he couldn’t find anyone. Just as he was losing hope, he found someone who told him exactly where the village was and he flew over there straight away. He walked into the town and unusually the first person he asked knew where his sock brother was so, again, he flew over to that village where he used his X-ray vision to find his brother. He teleport-ed through the walls of the house and just as he wished he had found his long lost sock brother.

He was so grateful for his powers but for some reason, now he had found his brother, they had disappeared, but he didn’t even care.

Sock and his sock brother walked off into the sunset.

-‘,;! MAPOS



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