Baba Yaga

Deep deep in the birch forest of Northern Russia there was once lived a ferocious witch called Baba Yaga. A witch that ate people alive!

In Russia she is described as a ugly, odd looking and a scraggly old women who has really bony legs and arms. Her face is wrinkly and shrivelled up and looks really scary, it has a long pointy nose and cold eyes that are very piecing and she has iron teeth which people believe she uses to crunch up the bones of the people she eats.

She lives in the deep, dark forest, alone and in a house with chicken legs. Her house is on chicken legs so she is able to says a magic spell and move her house around when ever she wants too. The windows on her house are also eyes so she can see all around and the bones that she does not eat she has used to make a fence around her odd looking house.

Her goal is to strike fear on any one she meets but some people believe that she can do some good and ask for Baba Yaga’s help. She will help them but they have to complete a task or give her something in return. If they do not or fail their task they get eaten alive.

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