Axxa eyeballs

As part of our space topic, we have been reading the class book ‘Phoenix’ by S.F. Said. In it are huge aliens called Axxa who have very special eyes that burn like fire in different colours. They also have a reputation for eating eyeballs, which repulses all those around them. In the story, a boy called Lucky finds himself on an Axxa spaceship and he is given some eyeballs to eat. Just the thought of them makes him feel sick but he is worried what will happen to him if he refuses. So he pops the gelid Axxa delicacy into his mouth – and to his surprise, he finds that they tasted amazing! He  discovers that the Axxa actually disguised their favourite foods as eyeballs so no-one else will eat it!

Orchid class made their own version of Axxa eyeballs over two days as a basis of our instruction writing this week- a complex melding of a white chocolate shell with strawberry jelly inside and a sprinkling of imagination and candy melts in their final appearance. Take a look at our masterpieces…


Axxa eyeballs — 2 Comments

  1. Wow Orchid Class, these look amazing. They’re all good enough for Masterchef!
    Gruesomely delicious eyeballs. Well done.

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