Tim Peake

Tim Peake is the first man from England to go to the ISS. He left from Kazakhstan on the 5th of December 2015 at 11:03 and is staying for six months.

Tim Peake’s work consists of experiments and testing of technology that could be used in future missions to the Moon and to Mars! Although lots of other things are to be done too!

Around the 13th of January 2016 Tim Peake and Tim Kopra will be going outside of the ISS to do some outside repairs.

On Christmas Day Tim phoned his family but accidentally dialed the wrong number and spoke to an elderly pensioner instead! On the 15th of January Tim might attempt a spacewalk for 6 hours. Also he has been tweeting pictures of space on Facebook.

Tim will be very weak when he comes back to Earth and will have to breathe 2 hours of pure, real oxygen.


Lovely homework!!!!! by Flo :-)

“Heave Ho Heave HO!” aforementioned the leader of the slaves.  “nothing can stop us now !” I aforesaid whilst the emperor barking”we need to reach Britan by August 55 B.C.(if you don’t know what B.C. stands for here you are: B.C. stands for Before Christ and A.D. stands for Anno Domini ,which is latin for in the year of the Lord)

 I am Atticus a roman solder I am Fairly wealthy  and my favorite thing to do is to purchase slaves from the market.   My favorite food is beef drenched in wine.

   Back to the story!

Once we could see the blue print of land there was nothing in our way to victory of England!  ” All warriors assemble !!” yapped the emperor.  As the humungous ship crashed against the supper-colossal sea bed.