What is an Asteroid? Well an Asteroid is rock and metal pieces formed together, and some even contain water, and it also travels around the sun.                                                                      In 1801, a guy called Giuseppe Piazzi thought he’d discovered a new planet, and he called it Ceres. However, it was not actually a planet, but objects which is now known as asteroids, which mean ” star shaped.”

Asteroids orbit the sun in a group which is called the asteroid belt, and orbits between Mars and Jupiter.                                                                                                                                  Scientists believe that 65 million years ago an asteroid impact caused the extinction of dinosaurs.  An asteroid which was about a mile in width is thought to have exploded over Siberia, which caused damage over 100 miles.

Amazingly, when a piece of asteroid breaks off (a meteoroid) they can be the size of a car, and fall into the earth’s atmosphere about once a year, this looks like a large fireball, but burns out before it reaches the ground.

I picked Asteroids because they interest me.


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