Asteroids are small, rocky worlds, also known as dwarf planets, that orbit the Sun. They are made up mostly of rock and metal. Some scientists believe that they can also contain some organic life, (There are even those who believe that this is how some life is created on planets).

In some ways, asteroids a very similar to comets, but they do not have the trailing tail that comets have. Also, comets are mostly made up of ice and dust.

Asteroids can be found in all different shapes and sizes. Some are hundreds and hundreds of miles across and some are much smaller at just a few metres. There are asteroids that have great big holes in them and some don’t seem to have any.

Many people believe that a gigantic asteroid crashed into the Earth million of years ago and this caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. What do you think?

I chose to write about asteroids because they are an interesting part of the galaxy.

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