Apartment 86

My instincts were right to be wary of this creepy apartment as soon as we had arrived. Back then, I couldn’t put my finger on it, now I know, and I wish that I had listened to Mum and Dad’s rules about not looking into apartment 86 (the one next door to us).

It was one fateful, stormy night, when I couldn’t sleep, that I crept out of bed and stole silently out of our apartment and was about to go downstairs into the swimming pool for a midnight swim, when, all of a sudden, I heard hushed voices in the apartment that had been deserted  for as long as I can remember. My heart skipped a beat;  I grew very tense; my legs turned into jelly… Someone was there – they shouldn’t be. I didn’t know what to do. Should I  tell Mum and Dad? I was on my way back when a thought occurred to me, this wouldn’t be MY adventure if I told them. I never seemed to ever impress them, it was always my perfect older sister Ivy: this was my moment to shine!

I inched closer and closer to the door that held many secrets that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to know. Was I really about to do this? On my own… I knocked. No one answered. I tried the door handle. It was open, my life was golden! As I pushed it, a revolting odour worked its way up my nostrils. I was surely about to puke. What was that lump on the floor? Was that a ddddead body? I was about to faint just as the murmur  of voices started up. Then all went black. I had fainted.

I know that I didn’t die like that poor person on the floor had, as I am still here to tell the tale. That memory still haunts me now, day and night, although I am 37 and a responsible adult.





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  1. A really nice narrative piece. The mystery description is brilliant, and the ending is a real shock to the system with the murder. Great use of grammar and punctuation, particularly your use of exclamation marks and semi colons. The ellipsis is really well placed too. Keep up the good work!

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