Amelia Jane Book Review


Amelia Jane is Naughty Again


Enid Blyton


Comedy fiction


Amelia Jane plays all sorts of tricks on the toys from the nursery. She stole the teddy bear’s necklace and splashed in the pond until all the toys were wet through. She scribbles all over the walls writing bad things and jokes about the toys. Amelia Jane is an extremely naughty doll, will she ever learn her lesson?

Main Character

SHE’S BIG, SHE’S BAD! She’s the terror of the toy cupboard. Amelia Jane is a very naughty doll. She likes playing tricks on the toys. A lot of the time when the toys teach her a lesson she says that she won’t be naughty again, but every time they teach her a lesson it lasts about two days and then she is winding up other naughty tricks to play on the toys.


I like this book because it is funny when Amelia Jane plays tricks on the toys when they are not expecting it.



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